Lawn Care

“The secret to a healthy lawn is to practice re-seeding to crowd out weeds. If you have a few weeds, hand dig them before they go to seed” 

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Got Weeds? Click here for easy identification.

Prefer an app? Here’s one I use ID weeds 

Looking for a low maintenance lawn? Try Eco Lawn

Neighbors will be jealous of your lawn!

Since our company is not a “cut and blow” company per se, we do have some time in between projects to maintain your lawn.  With that said, we offer lawn maintenance in Beacon, Putnam (Garrison, Cold Spring) & upper Westchester.   If you are lucky enough to have us 🙂 here’s what we offer:

• Lawn Renovation (Seeding / Sodding)

• Weekly / biweekly lawn cut

• Pre-emergent weed control (we prefer the organic stuff, but if the area is far from any wetlands or if it’s environmentally safe we will use chemically based products with strong precaution)

• Fertilization (2 – 3 times per season recommended)

• Grub control

• Overseeding

• Aeration

• Weeding

• Leaf mulching



Click here for more information on the benefits of leaf mulching!


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