Garden Care

Exterior of house with landscape.

Tired of conventional landscaping? Then planting native is a great option and it’s better for our environment. 

When builders deforest, they take away a part of nature that once thrived on your property. Our team can help bring back what once thrived in your landscape by selecting native plants instead of “conventional” landscaping, where the same formula is used over and over again.
Some benefits of Native Plants:
  • Attract a wide variety of birdsbutterflies, and other beneficial insects like bumblebees.
  • Incorporate plants that are both deer resistant and not dependent on chemicals or fertilizers in order to stay healthy.
  • Enjoy a custom design that emphasizes your properties natural features.
Magazines go to great efforts to make gardens look amazing. But the reality is that no landscape or homeowner is the same. A plant that looks great against a foundation or rock wall, or in mass plantings may not have the same soil conditions to thrive in your environment.

We carefully hand pick plants that will thrive in your landscape! 


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