8 Best landscaping tips for November


We are approaching the last few weeks of the year, and it is time to finish prepping your garden for winter and getting it ready for spring. 

Here are some landscaping tips for the month: 

  1. Plant trees and shrubs. Get trees and shrubs in the ground now to allow their root system to get established before the spring growing season.
  2. Transplant perennials. If you have perennials you want to be moved, get them into a new location now.
  3. Remove annuals. Properly dispose of those annuals that have died to prevent the spread of diseases and pests.
  4. Protect plants. Protect tender plants from frost damage by covering them with frost blankets or burlap.
  5. Aerate lawn. Improve soil drainage and reduce soil compaction by aerating your property to help promote healthy root growth.
  6. Apply compost. If you compost, add a layer over garden beds to improve soil fertility and structure.
  7. Drain garden hoses. Store and protect garden hoses to prevent them from cracking due to freezing.
  8. Trim hedges. Prevent damage from winter weather by trimming hedges that have become overgrown to maintain their shape.

Follow these tips to help ensure your garden stays healthy and beautiful throughout the h winter months and is ready for a new season of growth in the spring.

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