8 Best landscaping tips for October


October is a great time to start prepping your garden for the winter and get a head start to spring. 

Here are some essential landscaping tips to help keep your garden healthy throughout the season:

  1. Clean up your garden beds. Remove dead leaves, stems, and debris from your garden beds to prevent the spreading of diseases and pests. 
  2. Cut back your perennials. Cutting back perennials will keep your garden neat and prevent damage once winter arrives. 
  3. Have spring thoughts. Plant those spring blooming bulbs, such as daffodils and tulips, to enjoy when they look in the spring. 
  4. Prune those shrubs. Remove any dead or diseased branches and help shrubs maintain their shape after blooming.
  5. Stock up on mulch. Spread about 2-3 inches of mulch throughout your garden beds to protect your plants from the harsh winter weather and to help them retain moisture in the soil. 
  6. Cover tender plants. Before winter arrives, cover plants such as roses with burlap to protect them from frost damage.
  7. Keep it green. If you want to keep your garden looking green year-round, consider planting evergreens to provide a lush green backdrop to your spring flowers. 
  8. Don’t forget to winterize. Rake up falling leaves and fertilize to ensure your grass makes it through the winter. 

Incorporate these tips into your landscaping routine this month to prepare your garden for the winter and get you a jump start on next year’s growing season. 

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