Plan Your Spring Project This Fall


If you didn’t complete your fall project this season, there is still time to plan for it. Projects often get set aside due to busy schedules. Start planning your project now and allow yourself the time to schedule and successfully execute your long-awaited project.

Consider these five tips as you develop a plan to create a beautiful and thriving landscape. 

  1. Know your yard. Understand the conditions of your yard. Knowing how water drains in your landscape and how much sun and shade exposure your lawn receives will allow you to take notes and plan accordingly.
  2. Know who will be using your yard. Do you have children or pets, or will your space be used solely for entertaining? You can create different areas for different uses, so be strategic with your plantings and hardscape design. 
  3. Make your plants work for you. Know how your plants will function in your space. Will they be part of showing off your beautiful scenery or used as a barrier to block view or access to your area? 
  4. Highlight a specific area of your landscape to capture attention. Use hardscapes and plants to provide visual details that will create a beautiful, thriving landscape. 
  5. Protect your space. Before removing any existing plants, consider moving them to another area where they can thrive.  

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