Essential Gravel Patio Maintenance Tips


Creating a well-kept and inviting gravel patio improves the look of your yard, increases your property value, and provides an exception space for hosting friends and family. 

To keep your gravel patio neat and clean requires some maintenance. Here are four ways to keep your patio looking great year round.

  1. Removing weeds is one of the most tedious forms of maintenance but is the most essential. Keep weeds from popping up in your yard by removing them as soon as you see them and repeat this process whenever you see them or  about once a month.
  2. Gravel has a tendency to shift. In order to keep your patio in good shape be sure to periodically rake the gravel back into place with a metal rake. Ensure to make the center of the patio a bit higher to help ensure proper drainage.
  3. The easiest way to remove leaves is to use a leaf blower. If you do not have access to one, sweep the leaves away with a broom. Remove leaves soon after they fall, and while they are still dry. Damp leaves stick to your gravel, and they are much more difficult to remove.
  4. Add fresh gravel every year so to spread a new layer of gravel along the length of your patio. Hire a professional to deliver the gravel.

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