Create Your Dream Driveway or Patio with Gravel


Gravel is a cost-effective and flexible paving solution for just about all of your landscaping projects. 

Choosing the color and size can be a matter of personal choice.

Also, choosing the right type based on the kind of project and the expected foot traffic. What might seem like the right choice for your driveway might not be appropriate for landscape design.

Create A Strong and Sturdy Patio or Driveway

If you are looking to add gravel to your driveway or patio, choose gravel that adheres well and creates stability. 

Rounded stones such as pea gravel are great for patios which makes for a comfortable walking surface.

To give your driveway solid structure and stability for your vehicle, consider a layer of crushed stones with a diameter of up to 4 inches topped with ⅜ inch-sized gravel.

Use Gravel Around Your Lawn and Garden

Gravel can be used as a mulching option. Medium-sized gravel can be used as a base for your flower bed or trees. 

A rock garden can be created to give your lawn an attractive look. Display oddly-shaped boulders as centerpieces and surrounded with angular stones or smooth-textured rocks to bring your garden to life. 

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