Early Spring Landscaping Tips


A new month means making a list of chores to complete ahead of the arrival of spring. And although the cold weather and frozen/wet soil do not inspire anyone to put on gardening gloves, know there is plenty to do while conditions improve.

Timing is essential when planning your garden in late winter and early spring.

The first few weeks should be dedicated to planning your garden and prepping your tools. 

  • Start veggie gardens from seed indoors and transplant them outdoors in early May. 
  • Prune and repot houseplants. Give your indoor plants a new lease on life by transplanting them into a larger pot with fresh soil. Also, encourage new growth by pruning your plants.

Mid-month should focus on planting, cleaning, and checking your systems to ensure they are working correctly.  

  • Plant annual flowers. If you’re in a frost-free zone, you can begin to plant warm-season annuals like zinnia’s 
  • Clear your flower beds. Rake any leaves and clear mulch from your garden beds. 

So before you head out to your local gardening supply store, create a plan that will fit your needs and help your landscape thrive.

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