June Gardening and Landscaping Tips


June is an important month in terms of landscaping. The growing season is in full swing, and the lawns we’ve worked so hard to keep lush and healthy will need continued TLC as temperatures rise and pesky bugs start to make their appearance.

Keep your yard in order this summer by following a few key tips throughout the month.

  • Feed and water your flowers accordingly.
  • Continue to care for your grass. Keep a well-maintained lawn by watering evenly and deeply a few times a week to encourage a healthy root system.
  • Time to plant those late-blooming summer and fall vegetables like beets, broccoli, and cabbage, among others.
  • Look out for bugs. As the weather gets warmer, cold-blooded pests like ants, mosquitos, and others will become active this month, and many will cause damage to your landscape. Have a plan on how to deal with them before they are out in full force.

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