3 Simple Ways to Reduce Garden Allergies


Spring brings warmer weather making the days perfect for gardening, but for many of us, allergies interfere with our ability to take part in creating a beautiful outdoor space.

Thankfully, with a little planning, it’s possible to create a beautiful garden while keeping your allergies at bay.

Here are three simple ways to prevent your allergies from ruining the season.

Wear gardening clothes. Gloves, sunglasses, and a mask will help keep pollen off your skin and face.

Keep mulching. Add at least 2 inches of mulch to your garden beds to reduce weeds, as they are a major source of pollen.

Consider the type of flowers you plant. Many flowers have pollen that is light and is easily carried by the wind. Consider choosing flowers like azaleas, impatiens, and hostas which shed little pollen.

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