Fall cleanups are an essential part of your seasonal lawn maintenance.

It saves time once the weather begins to warm up and will avoid the dense and wet foliage from damaging your grass and become a breeding ground for disease.

Below is a lawn maintenance list to complete before the ground freezes:

  • Decide what to do with your leaves. Rake them to avoid damaging your grass or mulch to feed your lawn.
  • Keep your grass low. Make the last mowing of the season short to reduce winter damage.
  • Divide plants. If your perennials are overcrowded, divide the root ball and replant. Reduce shock by cutting back the plants before transplanting.
  • Check your tools. Clean, sharpen, and oil your garden tools before putting them away for the season.
  • Stop feeding your water plants. Decide which plants you will keep and which to replace in the spring.
  • Cover compost. It helps regulate temperature and moisture levels as well as prevents it from being over-watered by rain.
  • Keep weeding. Once your lawn goes dormant, it is easier to see the weeds.
  • Keep watering until the ground freezes. Provide extra attention to anything you planted late in the season.

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