October is here and it is time to get all those last minutes projects checked off your list before it gets too cold.

Fall is best time to fix any lawn problems since your grass is getting ready to go into dormancy.

Here is a list of landscaping work to complete before temperatures begin to drop.

  • Transplant trees and shrubs
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Clean up perennial beds
  • Deadhead blooms
  • Prune to shape your shrubs and cutback dead foliage
  • Remove leaves from beds and grass
  • Continue to edge flower beds
  • Be sure to add 2” of mulch to prevent weed seeds from germinating
  • Fertilize your lawn
  • Continue to water your lawn and garden, especially new plantings
  • Mow your lawn as needed
  • Core Aerate and overseed

Need help or have questions with any of these items, reach out to us here!

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