7 Simple Lawn & Landscape Tips for July


Landscaping in July is often about finding ways to beat the scorching temperatures, high humidity, maintaining healthy yards, and keeping those pesky pests from ruining the time we spend outdoors.

Here are some simple steps to ensure our plants, trees, shrubs, stay healthy and pest-free all summer long.

  1. If rain is scarce, be sure to water in the morning and in the late afternoon to keep the soil moist.
  2. If the mulch has dried out, replace, and water.
  3. Protect your lawn from the sun and heat by keeping it at about 3”.
  4. Check on your berries and veggies daily. Harvest what you can before they dry out or our furry and feathery friends eat them.
  5. Encourage blooming by removing deadheads from trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants.
  6. Plant vegetables like peas, beets, broccoli carrots, and lettuce to enjoy in late August to early September.
  7. Provide your top-heavy plants with some extra support by staking them.

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