Summer is for barbeques and backyard fun not for worrying about the state of your lawn. As we spend more time outdoors during the summer months than at any other time, follow these tips for a healthy yard.

DO follow a watering schedule, but be sure NOT to overwater. 

Be sure to water your grass in the morning to prevent evaporation and waste.

DO mow your lawn often, but DON’T mow too short. 

Mow your grass too low to the ground. Lawns should be at least 3”, will need less water, be more resistant to weeds and will have a deeper, greener color.

DO fertilize but DON’T believe all fertilizers are the same. 

Different grass species require different nutrients at different times of the year. Using the correct fertilizer and applying it at the right place and time will make your lawn happy.

DO aerate your grass. 

This will allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate grass roots helping them grow deeply and products stronger, and more vigorous lawns.

DO test your soil.

Speak with your lawn care professional about testing your soil to ensure it has the correct pH balance

DON’T worry your grass isn’t green enough. Extreme heat or drought can cause your lawn to go dormant and may turn brown, and stay brown until it receives the necessary nutrients.

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