3 Simple Reasons to Buy From A Local Nursery


Whether you are starting from scratch or prepping for an upcoming landscaping project selecting the perfect plants is essential to creating a healthy, and vibrant landscape.

As we know, local nurseries serve the communities where they operate. They have built their businesses out of their passion for horticulture and in wanting to help their customers create beautiful masterpieces in their yard.

Here are three simple reasons why you should use your local nursery as your primary landscaping resource.

  1. Knowledge and care. Caring for plants can be complicated and keeping them healthy requires knowledge, practice, and expertise, and there is nothing like the experience of a person whose sole job is to work with plants. Nursery employees provide solutions to local challenges you may be facing with your projects.
  2. Local nurseries are the best places to purchase native plants. Many nurseries in your area rely on local growers to provide their stock, massively reducing the carbon footprint. Also, buying native plants are best for the ecosystem as they have evolved and adapted to the local conditions.
  3. No need to worry about unknown pests. When purchasing plants locally, you do not have to worry about unknown pests that come from exotic plants and can become a huge issue in your yard, as they can transmit diseases to other plants and force the displacement of native plants.

Knowing where your plants come and how they are being handled are a couple more reasons investing in your local nursery will be the best decision you can make for your property.

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