Despite truly loving the sight of a healthy, lush garden, I look forward to the colder winter months. 

With a little planning, your landscape can be as beautiful in the winter as in the middle of summer. 

Here are eight simple things that can be done to keep your yard looking beautiful in the winter.

  1. Winter is the best time to prune and trim your shrubs, bushes, fruit trees, and roses. Now is the time to cut off dead branches and trim for shape because it is easier to prune when there is less foliage.
  2. Do not leave your gutters unattended. Debris and water can freeze when the temperatures drop, get heavy and could cause your gutters to sag and cause damage.
  3. Protect plants, trees, and shrubs from harsh winter conditions by protecting them with burlap.
  4. Once the ground freezes, birds cannot rely on worms in the winter for food. This is where we can help our feathered friends by placing a bird feeder in a location that is sheltered from strong winds to feed them.
  5. A layer of mulch helps protect the soil from frigid temperatures
  6. Be sure to take an inventory of all your gardening tools and replace any broken ones. 
  7. To prevent frozen pipes turn off the water supply to the sprinklers. Make sure to empty and store hoses so they won’t crack from freezing temps.

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