It is officially spring, and with that, it’s time to talk perennials.

A perennial is a plant that comes back year after year. When shopping for plants, it’s important to make your selection based on the following criteria:

  1. Plant Hardiness Zone -The USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture) – will determine which plants will thrive in your area during the winter. While most local nurseries will carry plants that thrive in your area be on alert if you’re placing an online order.
  2. Know your soil- Some plants do well in dry soil, clay soil, and wet soil. Not sure what type of soil you have? Dig a hole in your potential planting spot and grab a handful of dirt (play-doh size). If you’re able to make a ball and it doesn’t crumble then, you have clay soil.
  3. Sunlight / Shade – How many hours of sunlight does the area get throughout the day. For example, Hydrangeas don’t like full sun; Maiden grasses love full sun, and Hostas love the shade.

One more thing, when planting, make the hole wider (at least twice the size) than the plant and the depth a tiny bit higher to allow for some sinkage. You can also amend the soil with compost (optional). Create a 3 – 4” berm around the plant and add water. Add a 3” layer of natural mulch to help keep moisture in.

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