If you are looking to spruce up your home without breaking the bank, consider adding low-maintenance houseplants to the mix.

Having houseplants brings vibrancy, color and helps create a clean, calm and relaxing home environment.

Below is a list of some indoor plants that can turn anyone with a brown thumb into a somewhat of a houseplant expert.

Keep in mind. Some of these plants may be toxic, so if you have kids or pets, research before buying.







Aloe has earned its place in homes due to its ability to soothe burns and rid the air of toxins.







Pothos is one of the most common and quick-growing houseplants that thrive in any kind of light and often grows to be over 3 feet long.







Snake Plant known as mother-in-law’s tongue, has long sword-like leaves, can grow up to 4 feet tall and grows in both low and bright light.








Cast-Iron Plant with its dark green leaves can sometimes grow over 2 feet and does well in low light and is almost indestructible.








Fiddleleaf Fig is a beautiful tree that tolerates low light. If it grows too tall, prune stems back to the desired height and start a new plant.

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