Have you noticed your established perennials are producing fewer flowers, or are beginning to look a bit sickly?

These may be a critical indicator that it may be time to divide the plants.

But keep in mind, when dividing perennials, timing is essential. Fall is a great time to split perennials, as they will need time to become established before the winter begins and will bloom beautifully in the spring.

These plants are healthiest and most productive when they are well taken care of, and the four reasons below are just some ways dividing your perennials is one of the best ways to keep them coming back year after year.

  1. Keep an eye on their growth. If you don’t regularly check on your perennials, they can quickly get out of control forming clumps that will leave holes in your garden.
  2. Keep an eye on their health. By dividing perennials, you are easily able to keep an eye out for any potential infestations or diseases that may occur.
  3. Keep them looking pretty. When your garden looks jam-packed, it quickly loses its wow factor. By keeping your plants neatly well-spaced, you are giving them room to grow without overcrowding your garden.
  4. Save money. Dividing perennials allows you to keep some extra cash in your pocket while giving you more plants to add to your garden as well as gift them to family and friends.

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