Do you love perennials and want to know the best time to divide them?

While generally speaking, spring is the best time to divide; it is best to treat each perennial on a case by case basis, as some plants prefer to undergo the process either in the summer or autumn.

It is also best to divide your perennials every 2-3 years. Dividing perennials either in the fall or the spring is a great way to give your plants room to grow, and add more color to your garden.

Five key indications that your perennials need to be divided are:

  1. The center of the clump looks dead, but the ends have some growth
  2. The flowers are smaller or stops flowering every year
  3. Few or dying leaves from the bottom
  4. Stems have become floppy
  5. Your garden is beginning to look overcrowded

Some of the best candidates for dividing are the bearded Iris, black-eyed Susan, coreopsis, yarrows, lamb’s ears and ferns, just to name a few.

It is important to note, if dividing perennials in the fall, it should be completed 6 -7 weeks before the ground freezes. Prep a new bed for them, and add some good compost in the new hole and water it thoroughly. Continue watering until the ground freezes.

If you’ve missed your window of opportunity to divide in the fall, you could separate them in the spring before the perennials bloom.

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