Deer will be out this winter, so don’t forget to protect your evergreens and shrubs.

Here are some quick ways to protect your investment:

1- Burlap fabric – wrap your evergreens & shrubs with this breathable fabric. Burlap will also protect your trees for harsh winds during the winter.

2 – Deer Repellent – Deer Out or Deer & Rabbit Repellent. Remember you just can’t spray and forget about it. Always remember that if deer are hungry they will nibble on anything green. It’s best to continue spraying every 20 – 30 days throughout the winter.

3 – Deer netting – for individual shrubs & small trees

4- Deer fence – for larger areas

Some deer will nibble on leaves if food is in short supply. The has a handy list of trees and shrubs that deer like to eat.






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