If you want to have a beautiful spring garden, fall is the time to begin.

Many are surprised to learn that the cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours help plants get acclimated before the ground freezes.

The colder weather and warm soil put less stress on your new plants, allowing for the root to establish in their new environment before the winter hits. So adding perennials, bulbs, and shrubs to your garden now provide plants with the nutrients they need to beautifully bloom in the spring.

But before you run off to your favorite plant shop, here are a few things you should know to ensure success with fall planting:

  • You can plant up to 6 weeks before your ground freezes making mid-November your cut off point to get those bulbs and perennials in.
  • Add a layer of mulch it will give your garden bed an aesthetic look and keep your plants warm during the harsh winter months. In the Spring we mulch to suppress the weeds, but plants need protection from harsh winds.
  • If a plant or tree did not thrive in a certain area now is a good time to transplant to a better location. If plants did not bloom this year it may not like where it was planted.  If it does well in the shade and it got 6 hours of sunlight daily then move it to an area that gets less sun. Ferns & Hostas like partial shade.
  • Planting trees now will give them more time to get established during the winter months
  • Water your plants thoroughly after planting, and continue to water as needed until the ground freezes.

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