Fall is the season of harvest, but it is also the ideal time to prep your lawn & garden for spring.

Don’t think lawns and gardens need less care in the cooler months. In fact, the opposite is true. The fall is the ideal time to prepare for a long winter. Give your lawn the attention it needs now, and you will be rewarded with lush, healthy lawn in the spring.

Here are some fall landscaping preparations you can do now before the leaves are all gone.

  1. Clean it up. Get all the remains of old annuals, dried stems, and dead plants. Rid your lawn of debris that will only restrict water and airflow.
  2. Get bulbs in the ground. Fall is an ideal time to get those tulips and daffodils into the ground before the ground freezes.
  3. Aerate and seed.If you never aerated your lawn or your lawn feels compacted an aerator will help open up the soil by plucking up dirt and leaving holes on the ground. Once it’s been aerated then lay down seeds.
  4. Don’t forget to mow. If you mow right over your leaves (provided it’s not too high), you can put nutrients back into the soil. Installing a “leaf blade” or mulching blade breaks up the leaves into tiny pieces.
  5. Get the weeds out. Now is the best time to rid your lawn of those pesky dandelions, crabgrass, and other weeds.
  6. Get those trees in. Planting trees and shrubs from September through November establishes new root growth before the ground freezes and winter sets in.
  7. Don’t forget to fertilize. A winter fertilizer will prepare your lawn for the winter and promote root growth for the following year.


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