The snow has finally melted in most areas and now you have a yard full of branches and bare spots and it’s kinda squishy. Now what?
Here are two options that won’t cost much: 
 Seeding:  If you didn’t have a lot of weeds last year, then you can re-seed your lawn. Spring is when the lawn starts to grow fast and an overseeding will fill in those bare spots before weeds take over. The trick is to crowd out the weeds by seeding your lawn in the Spring and Fall. A high-quality grass seed is recommended. We use Black Beauty Grass Seed by Johnathan Green. 
Apply a Pre-emergent: If you had lots of weeds last year then apply a pre-emergent herbicide to control the weed seedlings before they germinate.  The optimum time is when the forsythias start to bloom. Since a pre-emergent stops all seedlings from germinating you have to wait before you seed your lawn. Read the label! 
Need help? Contact us and we can get your lawn ready for the season! 

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