Have you noticed that there are more acorns on the ground than usual?

Could it be a sign of a bad winter?

It’s called a “mast year” when oak trees produce an enormous amount of nuts.  Scientists say it could be environmental triggers or a predictor of a bad year to come.  Perhaps the squirrels gathering all these nuts know something we don’t?

Here are some other animals collecting acorns for the winter:

Birds – wild turkeys, woodpeckers, bobwhite quail, mallards, wood ducks, crows and jays
Small mammals: foxes, rabbits, mice, voles, raccoons, opossums

There are nuts everywhere! No pun intended!  

Be careful when walking on leaves, hidden nuts can cause you to slip and fall.  We’ve been clearing acorns off driveways just to keep it safe for our customers.

Have nuts?

Give us a call 😉

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