Here’s an e-mail I got this morning from Phil Bull from Turf Revolution. August is the month for crabgrass and I’ve been getting lots of e-mails on how to eradicate it.

Here’s what Phil says: 

“August can be a tough month for turf. The conditions are usually hot and dry, but weeds, diseases, and insects seem to thrive. It is during August that crabgrass seems to be growing everywhere. Crabgrass is a prevalent species in just about every climate worldwide and it enjoys growing in thin turf stands that do not receive enough water or fertilizer. 

Crabgrass is an annual plant that can produce up to 150,000 seeds in a single growing season. When crabgrass is present the soil may be compacted and high in potassium. The calcium levels could be low and there is usually very little bacterial life within the soil.

The best defense against crabgrass is a thick and healthy turf stand. The turf should be aerated, top-dressed, overseeded at least once per season and put on a well-balanced fertility program. Calcium should be added only if a soil test indicates that it is necessary to do so. 

No matter how frustrating this weed may seem, don’t forget that crabgrass is an annual weed that is easily outcompeted by healthy and vigorous perennial grass species.

Good thing this pesky weed will be gone by November! And I do agree with Phil that a healthy lawn, to begin with, will reduce the amount of crabgrass. A weak lawn will not be able to put up a good fight.

If you want to re-seed or renovate your lawn in the Fall give us a call today!

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