The Thuja Plicata ‘Green Giant’ Arborvitae tree has become very popular recently. I know, because my customers are requesting them and nurseries have run out of the 10 plus sizes.

Homeowners are drawn to these because they stay green all year long, are soft to the touch, and are advertised as fast growers. They can grow up to 3 feet a year, but it depends on the soil conditions and environment.  If you want to create privacy with trees in lieu of a fence then consider a Green Giant.  They are also the most deer resistant evergreens you can find.

To help trees become established, water every 2 days for the first 2 weeks.  Use a soaker hose or remove the nozzle from your existing hose and leave at the base of the tree (slow trickle) for about 10 – 15 min.

We love to plant in the Spring because of all the rain, but sometimes mother nature doesn’t cooperate.

Want to plant a Green Giant or looking to create a privacy hedge? Give us a call today. 

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