It’s spring and the good news is that your lawn is finally greening up, the bad news is that you may notice some dried up grass in some areas. Assuming your lawn doesn’t have a disease your lawn probably has thatch.  Thatch is just the build-up of dead grass.

While a 1” layer of thatch is healthy, an excessive amount will eventually suffocate your lawn.  If you’re planning on seeding or fertilizing then it’s best to rake up the thatch.

Does your lawn have excessive thatch?  If so, remove the thatch in phases so the lawn has time to recover. Thatch can be safely removed in the Spring when grass is growing or in the Fall.  Adding high-quality seeds, fertilizer & compost at the same time is ideal. The goal is not to remove thatch completely since it does help reduce water evaporation and absorbs nutrients.

So before you seed or fertilize this Spring rake out the dead stuff and make room for the good stuff!

Want to start your lawn renovation, then give us a call and we’ll help you get started.

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