Spring is around the corner and if you’re looking for a landscaping company to create that new garden bed, or build a new pond, or maintain your property then a quick google search will yield an array of choices.

Here are a few tips help you narrow down your selection: 

1. Is their website updated regularly with useful information or is it just an online brochure?  It’s easy to get a sense of what a company thinks about their customers by seeing what type of content they publish and how often. Also, bonus points if they have a blog, Facebook page or any other social media outlets. It shows that they stand behind their business and are confident with their brand. It also means there are multiple ways to contact them.

2. Do they have insurance?  Having insurance protects you from any falls or accidents on your property. Sometimes the company that drives around with no signage on their trucks and has the rock bottom price and only takes cash is one that you should shy away from.

3. Are they licensed to work in your area? Landscapers and contractors alike are required to have a license to work in most counties. The licensing fees do not benefit the contractor and honestly, I don’t like paying them, but I do like that it protects the customer if you have to file a complaint. You can google your local government agency and search for licensed contractors in your area.

4. Do they have recent testimonials?  A referral list? Recent e-mails from customers are great because you can e-mail them and inquire. I give a potential client my whole list plus latest e-mails which to me is good enough.

5. Are they trustworthy and punctual? – Nothing will make me want to hire a landscaper if I don’t feel I can trust them. Enough said. Listen to your instincts! How long did you wait to hear back when you first called or sent an e-mail?  If you call a contractor over the phone or via email and they don’t get back to you, there is no excuse for a super delayed response.

6. Do they accept credit cards? Not all companies accept credit cards because of the exorbitant credit card fees, but it does make it convenient and hassle free when it comes to payment. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you can contact the credit card company and get your money back if the contractor does not deliver what was promised.

And a word of caution — Don’t shop on price – If you’re looking for a bargain AND a company that offers value AND is well qualified, then chances are you will not find one offering both. You’ll be much happier with the one that offers competitive pricing.  You do get what you pay for.

Whether you are hiring a contractor/landscaper I hope these tips will help you make a wise decision. Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please share below!

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