Winter is coming upon us and as the trees have gone into dormancy, let’s not forget how vital they are in sustaining our environment:

  • Trees absorb air pollutants such as carbon dioxide and converts it to oxygen.
  • Trees improve the ozone layer by filtering the air we breathe.
  • Trees create community and lasting memories with friends and families at a park.
  • Trees provide shelter and protection for birds and small animals.
  • Trees provide us with shade when it’s too hot.
  • Trees provide heat in the winter by letting in sunlight.
  • Trees control erosion and holds the soil in place (especially on a slope).
  • Trees create privacy and act as a windbreaker at our homes.
  •  Trees provide a beautiful display of color before they go into dormancy to remind us that they are indeed beautiful!

So when you step outside or look outside your window be aware of the trees surrounding you and be thankful!

Have trees in your landscape? 

Proper pruning and maintenance are essential in the winter so that they can stay healthy for years to come.

Call us today to schedule dormant pruning.

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