Watch out! The forecast is predicting another polar vortex. Although plants go into dormancy in the winter they still need to be protected from the harsh weather.  A layer of mulch will help keep your plants warm, provide nutrients and will make your garden look more defined.

In the Spring and Summer mulch is a great weed suppressor and it also retains moisture.  A 3” layer of mulch will suffice during the spring and summer, but in the winter a 2” layer is more than enough.

Don’t know how to calculate mulch? 

Here’s a quick formula: Calculate the square footage of your bed Multiply by the depth (in inches) you want (2” or 3″) Divide by 324 (324 is how many cubic yards in 100 square feet)

For example if your bed measures 10 x 15: 10 x 15 = 150150 x 2 (depth) = 300 300 / 324 = .92 (round off to whole number) = 1 yard 

When we mulch, we like to use mulch that’s free of any color enhancements like sweet peet or natural brown mulch.

Do your plants need mulch before the winter? Give us a call today and we’ll make sure we tuck in your plants!

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