Just because the summer is over it doesn’t mean that the planting season has to come to an end. It really hasn’t. The temperature is perfect for fall plantings and plants love it!

The best time to plant is indeed the Fall. The 2nd best time is the Spring.

Installing a Dogwood

Here are some reasons why it’s good to plant in the Fall:

a) No threat of an upcoming heat wave – When you plant in the Spring there is always a threat of a heatwave. It may take longer for the plants to get established if it’s predicted that the summer is going to feel like a desert. Watering will become mandatory in order to keep your plantings alive and if your town has water restrictions, then your plants will suffer.

b) Ground temperature is optimum – Although it may be cold above ground, the soil below stays pretty warm and root growth can continue for several months until it reaches 40 degrees.

c) Nurseries have discounts – Nurseries want to get rid of their inventory and you might find some bargains. Keep your eye out for sales, but do make sure you are not buying plants that are already dead or dying.

d) Trees and plants have all winter to get established – Since leaves have fallen the energy that the plant puts out for leaves during the spring will be diverted to the root system instead. This makes the roots stronger and gives the plant a head start in the Spring.

e) You have something pretty look at in the winter – If you plant an evergreen or a red twigged dogwood in a bare spot, you reap the rewards of having something pretty to look at in the winter while all the other plants are bare or uninteresting to look at.

We will continue to plant up to December as long as it doesn’t snow.

Contact us if you want to install a tree or shrub before the white stuff starts to come down.

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