Thanks Phil Bull from Turf Revolution for this great post!

Often overlooked while we live under them, trees play an important part in our everyday world. One large tree can produce enough oxygen to keep four people breathing each day, but trees also provide many other benefits:

 1)    They absorb carbon dioxide.

 2)    They cool peak summer temperatures by 1-5 degrees Celsius or 2-9 degrees Fahrenheit.

3)    They improve air quality by trapping airborne pollutants.

4)    They reduce water runoff and help to anchor soils.

5)    They can cut winter heating costs by 10-15%.

6)    They reduce noise and sound transmission.

7)    They also provide products, food, and jobs for every person on the planet.

And one more benefit is that trees also attract wildlife! We’ve been planting many evergreens this year for various reasons including privacy and just wanting to feel closer to nature.

Want to plant a tree? Give us a call today!


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