Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but the honeybee population is slowly dwindling? Experts say that it’s because of the chemicals and pesticides being used by farmers and homeowners alike to deter insects. This process has had a negative impact on our bee population. When we think of bees we tend to think of only wax and honey, but bees have a great impact on our food supply.

Bees are important because they are pollinators. And here’s why pollination is important: The act of pollination create seeds and seeds create fruits and vegetables. Birds and animals depend on fruits and nuts to survive. I bet you didn’t know that one-third of our diet consists of fruits and vegetables, hence, our food supply is directed to the honeybees.

Here’s a short list of some foods that will be affected:

a) Tree nuts

b) Berries,

c) Fruit trees

d) Vegetables

If you love almonds then this nut is completely dependent on honeybees for pollination.  In California, approximately 1.4 million colonies of honey bees are needed for their almond industry alone.

Another event that will happen is that the cost of honey bee pollination services will go up and this will raise prices on the market. And it will hurt our pocketbook!

So what should we do if we don’t want to get in the business of beekeeping? It’s simple: Cut down on pesticides, plant some seeds and plants that honeybees love…. and let your plants bloom!

If you want to learn more check out this video from Ted Talks.


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