Prevent Weeds Now for a Healthier Lawn in the Summer


Do you remember the crabgrass or dandelion that took over your lawn last year? Do you remember how hard it was to get rid of them once they were established?

Yes we’re all happy spring is finally here again, but that also means they’ll start to emerge again in the ground reaches 50 degrees.  If you want to stop those pesky weeds then a pre-emergent herbicide has an enzyme that will inhibit their seeds from germinating.

For success, you have to apply the pre-emergent right when the Forsythias begin to bloom. If you’re on time, then your lawn will thank you for getting rid of those bullies. Choose a product that specifically targets crabgrass and dandelion (they have them). If you want something that is natural then you can get a corn gluten-based product with weed and feed.

For weed prevention, we’ve been using Johnathan Green Organics and Concern

Take care of these preventive measures now, and you’ll have a beautiful, weed-free lawn you can enjoy all summer long!

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