Winter pruning (a.k.a. dormant pruning) is what you should be doing now. Here are some reasons why it proves beneficial.

1) Easier to shape – During the summer it’s hard to shape the tree because there are just too many leaves. With the absence of leaves, you can easily step back and see where the branches cross (which you don’t want) and where the dead branches are. This will also allow you to open up the tree canopy to let more air and sunlight in. Trees love this.

2) Growth cycle not interrupted – In the summertime the leaves manufacture sugar and the sugar is stored for energy and development. By pruning in the winter you don’t interrupt the growth cycle. Since you would have reduced the number of buds there’s less competition for sugar and the result is a large bloom.

3) Less diseases – Because there are no insects in the winter there’s fewer chances of pest infestation and will more than likely reduce the use of chemical applications. Elk and Oak trees benefit most from dormant pruning.

4) Reduce broken branches – If you prune annually then your tree will have stronger branches and they will have a better chance of withstanding ice.

5) More fruitful – The trees that benefit the most are the fruit trees. Want more apples, pears, or peaches on your trees, then prune in the winter. A combination of dormant spray can be used for fruit trees.

If you have flowering trees and did not get a chance to prune in the winter then the next best option is to wait until the flowers bloom before you prune.

 Need some dormant pruning? Call us today before it’s too late!

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