There’s no doubt that the key to getting the most out of a fireplace or wood-burning stove is high-quality fuel, and that means properly seasoned hardwoods. It makes the fires easier to start, burns longer and cleaner, and provides optimal heat, especially during the night hours when you need the wood to burn low and slow.
But what happens when you realize that the cord of wood that was dumped on your driveway is not seasoned? Sound familiar?

Order early for optimal seasoning

Many suppliers claim they have ‘seasoned’ firewood, but my experience has been hit or miss depending on when and from whom I order the wood from. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to start a fire when the wood is damp and wet, and the family sits around looking sad and cold! If you want to ensure seasoned firewood then get a cord delivered during the Spring. By the time November comes around your wood will be seasoned and ready to burn. It takes about six months for wood to get seasoned especially if it has good air circulation. I put my wood on a wooden pallet and stack it as if I were stacking lincoln logs (see photo below). Also, make sure it has direct sunlight at least part of the day to accelerate the seasoning process.

Don’t want to order wood in the Spring?

If you need to find a supplier in the winter I strongly recommend asking around for recommendations or referrals. In a pinch, you can often find good firewood at Home Depot if you just need a few bundles to get you through a few nights. When I need good firewood I order from a place I discovered in Carmel – Hauserfirewood. So far every delivery of wood has been 100% seasoned and ready to burn.

They would never deliver unseasoned wood. The only drawback is that they only sell by the pallet (a bit smaller than a cord). You pay a little more, but the burn is longer so it evens out over time. It’s nice to just throw a log into my wood burning stove and watch it ignite right away. And their wood smells really good too!

Just remember when ordering wood from local suppliers please emphasize that you want to be able to use it right away and it has to be seasoned.

Know of any good suppliers in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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