Looking to add some color to your foundation wall?  The days of planting a row of evergreens at foundation walls are long gone. Today more and more people are adding deciduous plants that can accentuate their foundation plantings.

A native shrub that I installed in my foundation wall last year is the Itea Virginica.  It blooms in late Spring and early Summer and it has drooping white flowers that hang about 3″- 6″ long.  You’ll want to touch the flowers whenever you walk by this shrub because it looks like a fluffy cat tail.  This shrub turns a persistent reddish-brown in the Fall before the leaves drop.

The Itea Virginica is easy to maintain and is a versatile shrub which can be used in borders and slopes if desired. With the right soil conditions this shrub’s foliage color can last through December.  It’s also a native shrub if you are looking to add some natives into your garden.

Do you have a favorite plant for your foundation wall? Share your thoughts here!

Also feel free to contact us if you want ideas for your foundation wall plantings. 

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