After 17 years living in the ground, the periodical cicadas have finally emerged.
I’ve seen Cicadas in New Jersey and in Dutchess County, New York. They’ve either smacked down into my windshield while driving or hovered like a helicopter over my car as I’m waiting for the light to change or stuck in traffic.  And although I’ve been driving with my windows up lately, they’re not so bad looking….. their red beaming eyes are pretty cool and their mating sound is quite fascinating I think.

What is their purpose you may ask?  Cicadas emerge for one reason only and that is to procreate. After their mating frenzy then they die. They may cause some branch damage on new trees when the females do some carving to inject their eggs, but that’s about it.

After the eggs hatch the nymphs fall to the ground and their instinct is to dig down for safety until 17 years later. They do help keep the soil aerated.

To learn more about the cicadas click here:

Have you seen any cicadas in your area? Share your experience!

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