If you love the sound of water and want to feel like you’re on vacation every day then consider adding a pond to your landscape. The sound of rippling water will make you feel relaxed and create a soothing environment for you and your family for years to come.

Here are 5 ways that a pond will prove beneficial:

1) Stress Reducer – The sound of water cascading down rocks will make you focus more on your surroundings and appreciate the beauty that nature brings.

2) Education for children – Children will love this new addition to the family. A child will learn how to establish a balanced ecosystem and best of all they will enjoy the hands-on experience. And for parents who have forgotten about nitrate and ph balance, this will definitely be an easy and enjoyable refresher course.

3) Wildlife – You want more birds on your property? Water attracts different bird species, turtles and frogs and much more!

4) Landscape Enhancer – Your property value will go up instantly if you have a well-maintained pond.

5) Sustainable Environment – When you let nature take its course you will create a natural setting for wildlife.

Frequently asked questions

1) How much does a pond cost?

A small pond (4 x 6) can cost around $2000. Prices may vary depending on stone selection.

2) Is a pond hard to maintain? One myth is that ponds are a lot of work. A pond only needs a clean out every spring. As long as you have a combination of good filtration, fish, aquatic plants the pond will be self-sustaining.

3) Do I have to bring the fish indoors during the winter? No. Fish can hibernate in 2 feet of water during the winter season.

So whether it’s a koi pond or just a waterfall each will prove beneficial to your mind, body, and soul. Do you have a water feature that you enjoy every day?  Share your experience with us!

We install ponds in different sizes. Our customers are loving their new peaceful surroundings.  Thinking about a pond? Feel free to contact me with your questions.

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