April is here and the temperature has finally hit 50 degrees.  And if you’ve already ventured out into your backyard you’ll see that old man winter has left quite a mess. Here are some steps to get your garden ready for the season:

1-  Clean your garden beds –  Rake debris and leaves and put them in your compost bin or bag it.

2 – Sweep your lawn – After this windy winter, your lawn probably has a lot of twigs, fallen branches, pine cones or garbage that has been blown onto your property. If you don’t have a blower then use your rake to do a clean sweep.

3- Weed control – If your lawn had weeds last year now is a good time to apply a pre-emergent weed control. (A pre-emergent is used before the seeds emerge). If you already have weeds then you can use a post-emergent weed control with fertilizer mix.   Read the label though and make sure it controls your particular weed type.  Click here for more info.

We are out undoing the damage that winter has left behind. Feel free to contact us to get your yard ready for the growing season!

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