So today is the first day of Spring………and there is snow on the ground! Don’t fret, you will be able to put away your snowsuits and shovels soon and replace with gardening gloves and tools. If your lawn last year was infested with weeds here’s what you need to do now:

1. First, you must identify what type of weed you have lurking in your backyard. Not all weeds are alike. Weeds germinate at different soil temperatures. Once you know then find a pre-emergent specifically for that weed.

2. What tolerance level does your grass type have when applying a pre-emergent? Read the label and make sure it won’t kill your particular grass type.

2. Apply a pre-emergent weed control (either corn gluten or chemically based herbicide) when soil temperatures reach 55 degrees or when the Forsythias start to bloom. Weeds will germinate when the ground starts to thaw and a pre-emergent will inhibit new seeds from growing.

3. After application do not forget to water the area. Watering creates the barrier that prevents germination.

Remember, a pre-emergent will not destroy weeds or their seeds. It will simply stop them from growing.

When the snow melts and mother nature tells us it’s okay we will be applying pre-emergent weed control. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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