Yay! My favorite season is here and while we wait for the trees to display their array of colors, the soil conditions makes it the perfect time to give your lawn a final feeding. By fertilizing now, your soil will be better equipped to absorb all the nutrients because the weeds are dormant, which means no competition, and there is also no risk of a summer heatwave or drought, which is always unpredictable during Spring feedings. The nutrient will have about 4 – 5 months to penetrate deep within the soil resulting in stronger blade growth and a deeper root system. This combination will help outcompete the neighboring weeds and make your lawn more resistant to diseases. Another dose of a Spring fertilizer will just be an added bonus!

I always recommend my customers to get a soil test done. We do offer soil tests for $39.95. Just call me and I will get some of your dirt.  A soil test will reduce your costs in the long run by only giving your lawn the nutrients it requires. Remember, too much nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium if not needed will burn your lawn and make it weak and vulnerable to diseases. Your lawn needs a balanced diet just like we do.

So give your lawn a boost this Fall and your lawn will thank you come Spring!






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