Ever wonder when it’s the right time for weed control? It may be sooner than you think! If Forsythias are starting to bloom, then you can be sure weeds are getting ready for spring too. Here in the Northeast, we got an early start this year, with temperatures already in the 70’s. The best time to suppress weeds is before they germinate. To reduce the severity of weeds we recommend a fertilizer with a pre-emergent additive that will kill the weed seeds. The increased nitrogen in the fertilizer will also help green up your lawn. Be careful not to put down grass seeds at the same time because the fertilizer will also kill those seeds. Wait at least 6 weeks before seeding.

If you are environmentally conscious, have children or pets, then choose a pre-emergent fertilizer that contains corn gluten. Common chemically based fertilizers will give you a quick fix in the short term – it’s like giving your lawn a sugar rush but it makes your lawn weaker. We prefer the environmentally friendly nutrients from a corn gluten-based product which will penetrate at a much slower rate and release the nutrients slowly for about 6 – 8 weeks.

If your goal is to have a weed free lawn, then feed it nutrients two or three times a year, seed it, cut high and leave your clippings on the lawn when mowing. All of these are standard practices for us!

….Now if only they made a product to get rid of the stink bugs that have been plaguing our gardens and homes!

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